Marketing Strategy

  • Provide  recommendations to brands and agencies interested in tapping into the Entertainment Marketing, Celebrity and Social Media Influencers' space. 
  • Provide Brands and agencies with unique PR, Social Media, Digital and Content opportunities, leveraging Celebrities and Digital Influencers' key moments to create out of the box opportunities for brand.  


Entertainment Marketing

  • Identify and recommend Top celebrities, digital Influencers, chefs, sports, music, and other  experts based on your Brand's marketing objetives and goals. 
  • Provide brands and agencies opportunities with other entertainment properties such as concerts, award shows, sports sponsorships, TV shows and movie integrations, product placement among others. 


Influencer Marketing & Brand Integration

  • Celebrity and Influencer strategy and recommendations. 
  • Negotiations, booking and execution.
  • Concerts, Award Shows, Sports and Sponsorships recommendations and negotiation.
  • TV Shows and Movie Integrations.